it P▓laza beer.’ ‘Why’ I asked.● ‘Are you going to sell it’ ‘Good Lord, no!●’ said Scobie.‘Just for hom●e use.’ He rubbed his stomach reflectively ●and l

icked his lips.‘Try a glass 癔 he said.‘No thanks.’ The old man● now consulted a huge watch and pursed his li▓ps.‘In a little while I must ▓say an Ave Maria.I’

ll have to push you out, ●old man.But just let’s have a loo●k and see how the Mock Whisky is getting o●n for a moment, shall we’ I was most curiou▓s to see how he

was conducting these new▓ experiments and willingly followed him out on t●o the landing again and into the shabb●y alcove which now housed a ●gaunt galvanized iron bath which he must ha▓ve bought specially fo

r these illici●t purposes.It stood under a grimy closet windo●w, and the shelves around it were c▓rowded with the impedimenta of the n●ew trade — a dozen empty beer bottles,● two broken, and the huge chamberpot which S●cobie always called ‘the Heirloo●m’; not to mention a tattered ▓beach umbrella and a pair of ●goloshes.‘What part do these pla●y’ I could not help asking, ind●icating the latter.‘Do you trea▓d the gr